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May/June. 2016 Mural Support

Mar 15, 2016 The Human Face of Climate Change

Dec. 08 2016 Nancy Borowick: Cancer Family, (Ongoing)

Nov. 12, 2015 From DOCfield to Visa Pour l’Image: A European Tour of Documentary Photography

Feb. 24 2015 Visual Storytelling through Photography

Dec. 31 2014 The 2015 “See Photography” Challenge


April 2013 • Meeting By The Lake

March 2013 • One to Watch

Feb. 2011 Not So Simple: How teachers show their students that there's more to photography than meets the eye
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Sept. 2009 Copyright Fight

Nov. 2009 Art and Law
Playing Favorites: Four Photo Educators Describe Their Most Productive Assignments

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Nov. 2008 Protect Your Assests
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Sept. 2008 Getting Work: Four influentional magazine photo editors tell us when and why they would hire a young, unknown photographer
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Nov. 2007 Photography and Privacy
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May 2006 Safe Pix: Eight things photographers need to know about protecting their copyright
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September 9 2016: The Best Documentary Photography Projects we saw at Visa Pour i'Image 2016

March 8 2016 Nick Brandt Captures Africa’s Lost Animal Habitats

October 2014 WIPFashionStatement:Aphotographer’sartisticresponsetopoliticalcontrolof women’s mode of attire

February 2014 Documenting Strength Through Photography

June 2014 One to Watch: Shannon Jensen

April 2014 Brian McCarty’s War-Toys

January2014 One to Watch: Matt Eich Can Do it All

October2013 What They Brought to Battle

February 2011 added: Crowd Funding

Sept./Oct. 2009 The Law: Orphan Works

Popular Photography

August 2009 Five Things You Should Know About Copyright

American Photo: Wedding and Portrait Guide

2005 Protect Your Pictures: Are Your Photographs Copyrighted? Are You Sure?
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2004 What Can Go Wrong?
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May 2006 Hot Shots, Photography and Fashion Collaborate
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American Photo Wedding Guide

2004 What Can Go Wrong: Tips on how to stay clear of contract troubles

Photo District News

Mar. 2003 Old School, New School: The Traditional vs. Digital Divide in Photography Education

Viva Magazine

1978 They Shoot Pictures Don’t They?